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Cut To Pattern

Conneaut Leather is dedicated to its customers in quality and service. Our cut-to-pattern program is a special service, providing complete cut parts for upholstered furniture, in a broad range of fashionable leathers. A cut-to-pattern program allows the manufacturer to become a viable leather furniture resource without the intricacies of whole-hide inventory, cutting schedules, manpower and dollars. This concept enables any upholstered furniture manufacturer to sell leather furniture in both quantity and through special ordering by the retailer.

The most important aspect of implementing a cut-to-pattern program is having the advantage of a fixed cost for the product. All leather parts are cut according to your manufacturing specifications, quality standards and methods, and individually inspected to meet that criteria. Programs regarding stocking and delivery can be customized to fit your needs. Our skilled and dedicated personnel are knowledgeable in manufacturing processes and methods, providing expertise and recommendations for better leather usage resulting in higher yields.

Conneaut Leather has been creating quality cut-to-pattern parts for furniture manufacturers as well as the automotive industry for some of the most recognizable names in both industries.


Improve Productivity
Our cutting machines feature automated color hide scanning, flaw capture and multiple nesting packages. Depending on the application, it can cut as many as 15 hides per hour.

Maximum Yield
Field results have shown our cutting machine reduces leather waste by 4 percent; however, some organizations realize as much as 10 percent in savings. Each machine supports fully automatic nesting as well as manual nesting.

Obtain Manufacturing Flexibility
Eliminate the need for costly cutting dies and pattern templates. Experience immediate results as you take an idea from concept to production. No more waiting for dies or templates - electronic patterns can be created and cut in a matter of minutes. Improve your competitive position by eliminating OEM tooling costs.

Unparalleled Quality & Accuracy
Consistent, reliable cut quality and accuracy. As a result, users realize a reduction in recuts and even-up cuts. A level of uncertainty is inherent when cutting with dies damaged, bent or obsolete dies and die movement during pressing can affect the integrity of your cut parts. In die cutting, recuts and even-up cuts are required frequently - our machine will ensure the correct quantity of each part is cut because operators no longer have to track which dies have already been placed.

Fixed cost and exact volume, no more guessing

Digitally nested patterns maximize the yield

Pay for your pattern, not excess scrap (which gets recycled)

Our cutting machines can increase customer yield by 10%