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Quality Standards

Conneaut Leather has delivered the highest quality products to its customers since its inception in 1903. As the company has grown over the years and has expanded its product lines across several industries, the company has needed to direct its focus on maintaining that quality for the various products produced. More specifically, Conneaut Leather has had to formalize the quality specifications and requirements of its customers. To better manage these increasingly demanding specifications, the company implemented a quality management initiative in 2005, which included ISO 9000 standards certification. This initiative provides a structured means of documenting, measuring, and driving continuous improvement within the organization.

Quality Policy

"Conneaut Leather is committed to meeting or exceeding the expectations of its customers. This will be achieved by providing quality products delivered on time at a competitive price while continually improving all areas of the operation." The system also allows for standardized means of communication between Conneaut Leather and its varied customer base.