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Frequently Asked Questions

Who does Conneaut Leather sell to?

Historically, Conneaut Leather has sold directly to Authorized manufacturers in Contract, Residential, Aircraft, Automotive Aftermarket, Bookbinding, and Motor Home industries. However, some of our new markets will be expanded through our distributors to the smaller OEM's and Architects, Designers and Specifiers.

Is Conneaut Leather ISO Certified?

Yes, Conneaut Leather is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company.

What is the origin of Conneaut Leather's raw hides?

Conneaut Leather buys Heavy Native steers and cows from very specific regions of the United States.

What's the difference between chrome and chrome-free?

Chrome tanned leathers are tanned with soluble chromium salts, primarily basic chromium sulfate. Chrome-free leathers are tanned with vegetable materials that are derived from certain plants and woods, often called bark tannins.

What is "pure aniline" leather?

Any leather that receives all its color from aniline dyes only and has no topical applications. Natural markings are visible and are to be considered a unique part of each hide.

What is the difference between top grain and full grain?

For "top grain" leather, the top layer of the hide (Epidermis) is buffed off to improve selection, remove excess markings such as warts, scars, and any remaining imperfections. Leather that has not been buffed or sanded is "full grain". The grain and natural markings, which many consider the hallmarks of fine leather, remain.

How much does a hide weigh?

Approximately 8 lbs.

What is the yardage - square footage conversion for leather?

The footage of leather required for various furniture patterns and constructions should be carefully estimated. However, based on experience a rule of thumb has been developed which may be useful in giving quick approximations. This involves the conversion of fabric yardage to gross leather footage (including cutting waste) by a simple formula: 1 linear yard = 18 sq. ft. of leather

What is the waste factor/yield for your hides?

Our average yield is 65%, waste 35%.

Do you have cut-to-pattern capabilities at Conneaut Leather?

Our cut-to-pattern program is a special service, providing complete cut parts for upholstered furniture, in a broad range of fashionable leathers.

Does Conneaut Leather having sewing capabilities?

Yes, Conneaut Leather has unlimited sewing capabilities at its tannery in Mexico.

Do you have in-stock programs?

Yes, we have over 250 SKU's in solid colors, two-tones, and textures. We ship our in-stock programs within 24 hours from receipt of order. Please see our in-stock product descriptions.

Can you do custom orders?

Conneaut Leather has many different styles and colors to choose from. However, if you can't find the exact look you need for a project or line of furniture, we can make it for you for only a 10-hide minimum. Known for having the best color-matching department in the industry, we can match to a paint chip, a fabric swatch or anything that represents the color you are looking for! We also have a large selection of embossing patterns, such as alligator, lizard, ostrich, stingray, basket weave, floral, and herringbone. We can further customize your look with machine or hand tipping to create a truly unique look.

What is the lead-time for custom orders?

Typically, we submit a 6"x6" strike off for customers' approval within 48 hours. Once the sample is approved, it will take 3 weeks to complete the order.

What kind of sampling does Conneaut Leather support?

We do not support any sampling. Please contact our OEM manufacturers and/or our distributors.

How are the hides packaged?

Each hide is rolled and placed in a cardboard box.

How do you ship the hides?

Orders that include 3 or more boxes are placed on a skid to be shipped UPS, FedEx or truck FOB Conneaut Leather.

What tests do your products meet?

Each product line meets different standards, In general, we meet BIFMA (Business & Institutional Manufacturer's Association) standards for contract upholstery furniture and residential furniture. The majority of our leather lines are GSA Certified and we can meet any FAA requirements necessary for the aircraft industry. Please refer to the technical spec document for each product line to gather more information.

Is Conneaut Leather an environmentally friendly company?

Yes. As an ISO 09001:2000 Certified Company, Conneaut Leather firmly adheres to all EPA guidelines and government regulations as part of a company-wide policy to maintain the sustainability of our environment.

Is there lead in any of your products?

No. Our leathers do not contain lead.

Is your leather recyclable?

Our leather is 100% post-consumer recycleable. Scrap leather is recycled to a company that makes small leather goods.

How do you clean the leather?

Please click here to view cleaning and care instructions