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As an ISO 09001:2008 Certified Company, Conneaut Leather firmly adheres to all EPA guidelines and government regulations as part of a company-wide policy to maintain the sustainability of our environment. While producing leather in the most responsible manner possible, we have a long-term commitment to respect the Earth's natural resources. We maintain an affiliation with both the hide renderer and the tanner that offers a vertical integration allowing us a unique awareness of the tanning processes from start to finish.

Tanning & Finishing Process

Our new introduction of chrome-free products, Showcase Eco® and Harmony Eco®, offers a biodegradable/vegetable tanned leather alternative. This process is completed in one of the only tanneries that utilize separate equipment totally dedicated to the process of chrome-free tanning. ALL of our finishes used emit well below the allowable VOC (volatile organic compounds) as established by the EPA. None of our pigments contain metals.

SCS Certification

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SCS is a global leader in independent certification of environmental, sustainability, food quality and food purity claims. Over two decades, SCS has developed internationally recognized standards and certification programs aimed at spurring the highest level of environmental improvements, social accountability and product performance. Its programs span a wide cross section of the economy, recognizing accomplishments in agricultural production, food processing and handling, forestry, fisheries, flowers and plants, energy, green building, consumer and business product manufacturing, and corporate social responsibility.

To learn more about SCS Certification, go to www.scscertified.com.

Life Cycle of Leather

Leather begins as a by-product of the meat industry. The longevity of leather is unmatched by any other upholstery material 4 to 1 and is one hundred percent post-consumer recyclable. The beauty and distinction of leather increases with age and attests to the taste and discrimination of the owner.

Reduced Product Maintenance

All Conneaut Leather finishes are water-soluble. Minor spots on our products can be washed off using lukewarm water and a mild soap. Water also replenishes the moisture content in the leather. Leather should never be cleaned with abrasive solvents, alcohol, or wax-based products. Cleaning products that are available from Conneaut Leather contain no volatile organic compounds (VOC's).

Conneaut Leather Environmental Practices

Conneaut Leather continually evaluates its business practices to determine how to best support the environment. We are members of the Leather Industries of America Organization to keep us abreast of all new environmental legislation and ideas to keep all processes in compliance.

Scrap leather is recycled to a company that makes small leather goods.

Conneaut Leather has made arrangements with our customers to ship back boxes that can be reused for future shipments.

A service is employed to collect and recycle extra cardboard, packaging material, and wooden pallets.

We recycle all paper products used in our facility.

Conneaut Leather has established an environmental team consisting of the President, Quality Manager, Maintenance and Technical Supervisor to monitor and maintain internal awareness and compliance. In addition, Conneaut Leather has its own water treatment process, and our water is tested daily.