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Crypton®, the leader in performance textiles, is now available in leather. Working extensively with technical experts at Conneaut Leather’s manufacturing facility in Ohio, Crypton’s scientists have created a stain, liquid, and wear-resistant leather perfect for hospitality,
Our fanaticism is to leather. But our devotion is to our customers. Service that extends to hospitality, healthcare, automotive/RV, aircraft, residential, bookbinding and marine. In the furniture and automotive industries, our cut-to-pattern capabilities have
Leather is a product of nature. How it is processed is an art. Tanning is a multi-stage, lengthy and time-consuming process. The tanning process begins with the rawhide. After meticulous cleaning, the hide is either prepared with a vegetable or chromium tanning process.
1903. Conneaut, Ohio. Born to serve industry, from the very beginning we have insisted on total control of our leathers – buying, selling, tanning, and curing. In the 1960s, we brought a color specialist on board to match the most exacting requests.
Leather is no mere covering. Leather is skin. Is it any wonder it connects with us the way it does? The look. The feel. Even the smell. Leather is soft and supple yet so durable it wears four times longer than even the most stalwart upholstery. Beautiful yet practical,

Conn-ee-aht Leather.
Made in North America. Used around the world.

Located in Northeast Ohio, Conneaut Leather is one of the most experienced leather manufacturers in the United States. In-stock leathers, custom color matching, hundreds of embossings and the ability to cut patterns are just a few of the reasons to partner with Conneaut Leather for your next leather project.

Affordable Luxury. Conneaut Leather.

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